Home Solutions

We offer leading CCTV solutions in Dubai to home users so that they feel safe. They need to protect themselves from a variety of threats like thefts and burglaries. Besides protecting their assets, they may also need to keep an eye on their loved ones. At Prolynx we have developed customized home surveillance systems to fulfill all your security needs. Our advanced IP solutions offer benefits like faster retrieval times, eliminating the need for keeping storage tapes, higher quality video offering vivid details, upgradable software, and negligible maintenance costs.

Here are some of the most useful features that our security solutions offer to the home users.

  • -Remote administration and management of videos for all CCTV installations.
  • -High quality smarter cameras.
  • -No need to save footage in case you need to present it somewhere. We will provide you with video surveillance whenever you need it.
  • -Low light viewing for easy viewing in areas with less light.
  • -Easy web access via the IP from anywhere in the world.
  • -Range of styles available to select from as per your specific requirements.

CCTV Solutions for Business Users

Businesses need CCTV installations in Dubai to protect against different kinds of internal or external threats. Some businesses want to protect their inventory, others want protection against burglars, yet you may also need to prevent your employees or customers from stealing. There can be different scenarios in which business organizations need to protect themselves from the different types of risks. There are many advantages of getting your business protected by an IP solutions based surveillance system like protection against different threats, ensuring employee productivity, keeping track of assets, or countering business intelligence efforts. Let us have a look at the different types of industries that can effectively utilize surveillance solutions.

CCTV Solutions for Offices

Offices can get CCTV installations in Dubai to protect their assets while also guaranteeing safety of employees and customers. The team at Prolynx can advise you on ideal placement of CCTV cameras as per the architecture or structure of your office. Our leading CCTV solutions in Dubai will help you save cost yet ensuring full coverage of the desired areas.

CCTV Solutions for Retail Outlets

We also offer CCTV installations in Dubai to retail outlets are always at the receiving end of theft by their customers or employees. Specific CCTV solutions in Dubai are designed to provide our retail customers with comprehensive coverage. There can be many areas within the retail outlet that our IP solutions can help you protect. Similarly, you can showcase your products at prominent places without having the fear of losing them altogether.

CCTV Solutions for Hotels

There are many places that hotels need to monitor without intruding the privacy of their visitors. For example the entrances and exits need to be watched around the clock to keep an eye on unwanted guests. Similarly our CCTV installations in Dubai help hotels protect vital assets. Lastly, you can always keep a check on employees trying to spy on the hotel guests.

Warehouses & Construction Sites

Inventory management and protection of assets is one of the biggest challenges for warehouses and construction sites alike. In order to keep control on the costs, the managers need to make sure that they are keeping track of all the assets. This is where our IP solutions can take care of your assets by providing video coverage of all the areas within a warehouse or construction site.

Get Professional Advice
Our customer support, technical and sales team is always ready to assist you and offer you the best available solutions as per your requirements. We recommend you to consult one of our team members to buy the best products and solution for your security and surveillance.

Our Services

Our services are turnkey which means that your experience will be completely hassle-free. While you focus on running your business smoothly, we focus on keeping it safe. Our technical team will provide 360-degree support.

Prolynx offers complete surveillance solutions to both home and business users. Our services include maintenance and system upgrade of all types of CCTV installations in Dubai.

Having Problems?

Our support team is always available to help you out with your requirements and problems. We have specialized technicians who can assist you after fully gathering your requirements. For Technical support, please raise a Ticket on our Technical Support Channel below.

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